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Get a Same Day Cash Collateral Loan For Quick Money 

Friday, January 3rd, 2020

Is money posing a threat to your daily survival? Owning a car could really help provided it’s lien-free and fully paid for. This  means you must not be making any monthly payments to a financial institution or even a dealer on the vehicle. If your car is fully paid off, you may  be eligible for same day cash collateral loan

It simply means you can borrow money against the value of your car by putting up your title as collateral. Get the instant funds you need with Fast Canada Cash while we hold onto your  car title. Don’t worry as that’s the only thing we’ll hold onto. We don’t need your car. You can keep using it as you normally would. Car collateral loans are the same as car title loans and auto equity loans, so don’t get confused. In all  cases you use the title of your car as collateral in exchange for hassle-free loan. These loans are the best way out to resolve your financial situation. Be it some unexpected bills you need to pay off or you may require a short term loan to help get you back on your feet until the next paycheck comes. These same day cash collateral loans help you get approved immediately.

How to Get a Car Collateral Loan?

First things first, you must fill the online application form on our site. This online application will ask you about your basic details, such as  your name, address, car year, make and model etc. 

By doing so, you’ll get  closer to some quick cash. We’ll be in  touch after we review your information. The car details given  will help us determine the approximate equity value of your vehicle. We  will also inspect your car to assess its physical condition. Based on our assessment you can qualify for a loan amount up to $35,000.

During the loan process , you’ll be asked for the submission of the following documents:

  • Your Canadian Driver’s License
  • Car Registration and Insurance papers in your name
  • Proof of Address
  • The lien-free title to your vehicle
  • Your car for inspection
  • Spare set of keys for your vehicle

If all goes well with the document verification and car inspection, you’ll be handed your money!  The car title will remain with us as security until you pay off the loan in full. You’ll also be glad to know that although our loan period can be up to 4 years, you can make early payments or pay off the loan sooner. Yes your read it right! And, we don’t charge  any early payment fees for doing so. Also, you get to use your car as we don’t keep it locked up for the duration of the loan. Same day cash collateral loan is the best option for people who want instant money to get through the difficult times but also don’t wish to sell their vehicle. 

How is the Loan Amount Determined?

You will need to provide some information about your vehicle to help us figure out the equity value of it.. You can do so  online or over the phone with one of our representatives. Based on the equity value of the vehicle we will be able to disclose the  loan amount you’d be eligible for. The equity, along with the condition of your vehicle determines the total amount you can borrow from us.

Why Choose Us For Your Same Day Cash Collateral Loan?

Your credit score will be the first thing a traditional lender like a bank, is going to check. They’ll also get into your credit history and check for all your past records. Aside from this, the interest  will be dependent on these factors with a traditional lender. So basically, a poor credit score or poor credit history will attract a lower loan amount with a higher interest rate, let alone the case of no credit history at all. 

The above scenario is only if you qualify. People with such records have bleak chances of getting through the eligibility criteria at traditional lenders. We, at Fast Canada Cash, don’t consider your credit history at all. We consider the equity value of your car for lending out the loan. Since it is a secured loan using your vehicle, we hang on to your car title papers temporarily until the loan is paid in full.  We don’t get into your credit score or credit history details at all.

Another benefit of choosing us over anybody out there is that, we hand out same day cash collateral loans. No long wait times,no long line ups! ! Being employed  is also not a determining loan factor to get a loan with us. So if you are between jobs, you are still eligible to loan with us considering you meet the other requirements. Banks and other institutions verify regular source of income as one of the important requirements  for personal loans or any type of loan. 

Connect with us today to get cash the same day!. Apply for a car collateral loan with Fast Canada Cash! Fill out the online application form and we’ll contact you as soon as possible. Call us (toll-free) 1-(888) 511-6791 and get the money you need.

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Find The Quickest Way To borrow Money

Monday, February 4th, 2019

Sometimes you just need quick cash. You may need it for unexpected medical bills, to buy a  new house, to a buy new vehicle or to clear debts. Borrowing money may be the solution to  your financial difficulties and allow you to maintain a good healthy lifestyle. But what is the quickest way to borrow cash? Fast Canada Cash is the answer to  your problems. Getting a car title loan from us can help free you from financial emergencies in life.


What are Title Loans?

Title Loans are secured loans where you can borrow money using the equity in your car as collateral. The borrower gives the title of the vehicle to the lender in exchange for the money. These loans are also known as  car title loans, vehicle title loans or collateral loans. These types of loans are much easier to get and are the fastest way to borrow money quickly as compared to the traditional bank loan process.


Why Do People Consider Getting a Car Title Loan?

There are different reasons why people apply for car title loans to attain  emergency cash:

  1. A sudden medical emergency
  2. Loss of employment
  3. Moving expenses
  4. Vehicle or house repair

Quich cash Car title loan

How Much Money Can You Borrow?

Borrowing money from Fast Canada Cash provides  quick cash the same day. You can borrow up to $35,000 which is based on the make, model, mileage, market value and condition of your lien-free vehicle.

These loans provide a short-term solution by providing quick funds during an emergency.

Some Other advantages Include:

One of the most significant benefits of borrowing money from us is that you can keep your car  while making monthly loan payments. This becomes quite helpful especially for people who use their vehicle on a daily basis. Our title loans also benefit people with bad credit. So people with no so perfect credit history, whether good or bad, can apply for a  loan.

We understand  schedules are hectic and time is valuable. That is why we have a created a  streamlined application process that is fast and straightforward. We only request information that is required for the loan. You get access to the lowest interest rates in the industry.  We offer 4-year long loan terms that allows you enough time to pay your loan and pay the loan back whenever you feel like without penalty.

Fast Canada Cash provides some of the best interest rates which are the lowest in the industry. Get approval instantly with no credit checks because your car is your credit! Also, there is no need to  worry if you have bad credit or have no work experience. We provide loans to anyone regardless of credit history.

Our Car title loan have low manageable monthly payments. So you don’t need to  stress about paying back your loan. Easily make monthly payments or make any early payment without any worries of being charged of any early payment penalty. .

Our simple process takes a few minutes. You just need to call us or apply online to get started. Send over the minimal  paperwork, review and sign the loan agreements, get your money and drive away! .


Minimum requirements to qualify for a Car Title Loan with Fast Canada Cash:

  1. Must be the age of majority in your respected province.
  2. You must own a lien-free vehicle.
  3. Provide proof of permanent residence.
  4. The vehicle must be registered and insured in your name.

Additionally, you should provide us with:

  1. A valid Canadian driver’s license.
  2. The second set of keys to your car

So, when you need instant cash for your financial needs, let Fast Canada Cash solve all your financial hassles.. Get favorable and convenient payment terms at a low competitive interest rate. Call us now (toll-free) 1-(888)-511-6791 to get a vehicle title loan today! You can also apply online by filling out our quick and easy  application form. Our loan experts are ready to help and answer any questions you have regarding our  loan process.

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Friday, December 7th, 2018

During an emergency, we all look for a way to get back on our feet. It can be really hard to get out of debt especially when there is a lack of money and when it seems no one is willing to lend you the money. A Car title loan or a vehicle title loan is the best option for you to get the cash you need without any hassles. If you live in Chatham Kent, and in need of urgent money then a car title loan by Fast Canada Cash is the best option for you!

At Fast Canada Cash, we strive to provide help to those going through a rough time and offer assistance to those who have been rejected help. We put our faith into our customers and try to help them in any way we can!

Get a Best Car Title Loan by Fast Canada Cash!

    >> No Credit History Is Required: If you get a car title loan from us, you don’t have to worry about your credit history. It really doesn’t bother us, whether you  have good, bad or no credit at all because we base your loan  on the value and condition of your vehicle; not your credit

    >> No Job Is Required: Most are not eligible to get a loan at other institutions due to the lack of income or no job.  At Fast Canada Cash you can get a car title loan even without a job.

    >> You Get To Keep Your Car: After getting the title loan from us you get to keep your car and use it as normal for the entire loan term. As soon as you pay off your loan, the title of your car is returned to you.

    >> Easy Loan Process: You can either visit our local office in your area or you can apply online.

    >> Friendly Customer Service: Our friendly loan agents are always available to help! Call them today clear your doubts or visit our office to have all your questions answered.

To get a title loan from us; apply online, or call us (toll-free) 1-888-511-6791

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Bad Credit Loans Alberta Can Be Your Helping Hand to Get Money With Poor Credit

Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

Most of the time, people think that poor credit makes them non-qualified for any loan but that’s not true. Some lenders are willing to lend you the money you require, despite your poor credit history. Moreover, there are also loan choices like bad credit loans Alberta. So, before you lose your mind worrying about where to find the money you need to solve the financial crisis, contact Fast Canada Cash! We can help you get the money you require quickly!

What is a Bad Credit Car Loan?

A bad credit car loan is also known as a collateral loan.  This means that your loan will be attached to an asset you own which is your vehicle. The lender, however, will not take ownership of your asset or collateral. You will remain the owner and is still entitled to use your car even if the loan is ongoing.

When applying for bad credit loans Alberta, the lender will only need to secure the title of your vehicle and as a lien of having a loan with them. It is for this reason that the lender requires the title of the car to be surrendered to the lender until the loan has been fully paid.

With the vehicle’s title serving as collateral, lenders can either waive credit checks or not use the information gathered to decide if you can take apply for a loan from them or not. This system will allow you to get a loan despite your poor credit history.

You can apply for bad credit loans in Alberta online from Fast Canada Cash’s website. Rest assured that we will help you get the money you require and that you will have favourable and convenient payment terms.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at our toll-free number which is 1-(888)-511-6791.

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Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Lenders do not make life easy with their ongoing efforts to maximize profits from financial loans. They raise interest rates and can make life unpleasant sometimes. In such situation consider car equity loans by Fast Canada Cash. We deliver cash within the same day, back to back on the simplest of loan procedures. A car equity loan will get you back on your feet and help resolve any financial problems that life throws at you.

At Fast Canada Cash, we do not provide unnecessary unrealistic proposals and we will not charge extremely high-interest rates. Lower rates translate into manageable payment programs that can accommodate almost every type of budget.


fast cash canada

Car equity loans can alleviate any financial stress in a very short period of time. , In order to loan with us you need to prepare the following basic documents:

  • Proof of permanent residence
  • A vehicle with a clear title
  • Must be of legal age
  • Must have collision and comprehensive insurance
  • Vehicle must be registered in your name

By providing these simple documents, you can easily apply for a car equity loan and get approval within the same day. Your loan eligible loan amount will depend on the value of and condition your vehicle.

So if you are going through a financial emergency, apply for a car equity loan today!

Apply online, or call us at + 1-(888)-511-6791, or even visit our office in the city near you.

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Get Quick Cash With A Bad Credit Car Loan From Fast Cash Canada!

Monday, January 15th, 2018

Have an Emergency? Need Financial help?

Don’t worry! By using the title of your vehicle you can get approval for a car title loan quickly and get the money in less time than you might expect. Do you have the bad credit score and need urgent money? Are you experiencing problems getting a loan from the bank, then try applying for a bad credit car loan with Fast Cash Canada.

Fast Canada Cash is one of the leading car title loan companies in Canada. Bad credit car loans by Fast Canada Cash are the best way to get the instant cash at the time of emergency. The loan amount you get is totally based on the value and condition of your vehicle. You don’t have to worry even if you have a bad credit score. Unlike other loan providers, Fast Canada Cash will provide the loan even if you have the bad credit score or no score at all. Our customer’s well-being and their happiness is our first priority! We work hard to help make your financial problems disappear!

Benefits of getting Loan from Fast Canada Cash

Bad credit car loan with Fast Canada Cash comes with many benefits:

● Quick and Simple approval process.
● No credit check.
● You get the cash on the same day of loan approval.
● You get to keep driving your car during the loan period.
● Easy Monthly payments.

Bad credit car loans provided by Fast Canada Cash are the best. You can get the money you desire with our quick and easy loan process. Call us 1-(888)-511-6791 or apply online today!


Thursday, December 14th, 2017

It’s never fun to suddenly find yourself with piles of bills and payments that need to be repaid as soon as possible. People usually turn to credit cards or other types of loans in this kind of situation, but for most people with bad credit or no credit find little to no options.

Your credit score plays a crucial role in getting any financial help but makes it hard especially for those with a bad credit history. So what happens to the people with a bad credit score? Do they have any help? Bad Credit Car Loans Victoria by Fast Canada Cash is here to help everyone in need.

Fast Canada Cash is one of the leading car title loan providers in Victoria. If you live in Victoria or nearby, our Bad Credit Car Loans are here to help you out of your financial situation. One of the main reasons why our loans are so popular is because we only take the title of your vehicle. You are free to keep your vehicle and use it for the entire loan period.

Fast Cash Canada

There are a lot of benefits in getting a Bad Credit Car Loan with Fast Canada Cash. Here we have listed a few of them:

-> Applying for a bad credit car loan with Fast Canada Cash is very easy. You can apply online on our website with minimum paperwork for you to fill. We only ask you to provide only the necessary information for the loan.

->We don’t check your credit score. It is the last thing that matters to us. So, you don’t have to worry about having a bad one.

-> The amount of money you get totally depends on the value of your vehicle. The more valuable your vehicle is, the more loan money you can borrow.

-> Our interest rates are lower than any other loan provider in entire Victoria. Fast Canada Cash works for the betterment of its customers. We don’t want you to get crushed under the burden of huge payments and try to make it an easy process for you.

Fast Canada Cash is working hard to provide its customers with the best experience. Apply for the Bad Credit Car Loans Victoria with us today. You can call us (toll-free) +1-888-511-6791, or you can apply online.

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Get Help In Any Emergency Situation With Bad Credit Car Loans Edmonton

Saturday, December 9th, 2017

Emergencies can happen at any time. Not all of us are prepared to deal with a problem that needs instant cash and with a large amount. Understanding this need, Fast Canada Cash provides Bad credit car loans Edmonton. Anyone living in the city or nearby can come to us and have their money issues solved.

During emergencies, people usually turn to banks or pawn loans for money. Most people get rejected from the bank because of their poor credit score. If you are selected to get a loan it usually involves a mountain of messy paperwork and high-interest rates. We understand the struggle there is finding financial help but unable to get the help easily with challenges because of a bad credit score. Car Title Loans in Edmonton by Fast Canada Cash is the best option for anyone who is looking for the instant cash without any hassle and easy payback methods.

Fast Cash Canada

Benefits of Bad Credit Car Loans Edmonton with Fast Canada Cash:

->No Credit Check:
You don’t have to worry about your credit score. You can still get approved for our loans no matter what your credit score is.

->Low-Interest Rates:
As compared to our competitors in Edmonton, we have the lowest interest rates around!

->Easy Online Application:
You can easily apply online. That’s Right! No need to wait in long lines for hours at the bank. Apply with us and get approved instantly.

->You Get To Keep Your Vehicle:
We only take the title of your vehicle. So, you get to keep and use your vehicle for the entire loan period. As soon as you pay back the loan, you are free to walk away with your car title.

Get a Bad Credit Car Loans Edmonton with Fast Canada Cash today! Apply Online, or Call Us (toll-free) +1-888-511-6791.



Friday, November 17th, 2017

Do you live in Regina and are looking for a car title loan to get yourself out of an emergency? No need to look any further!  Bad Credit Car Loans Regina by Fast Canada Cash can be the help you’re looking for. Most unexpected situations demand instant cash and not everyone can get easy access to it. People with a good credit score can easily obtain a loan but those who have a bad credit score are not easily approved or very limited in options.

Good news! No need to worry about getting money even if you have a bad credit score. Everyone can get easy and fast access to cash with a Bad Credit Car Loans by Fast Canada Cash. We understand every customer’s needs are different that is why we provide a wide range of loans for convenience. You can get short-term as well as long-term loans with Fast Canada Cash.


Benefits of Getting Bad Credit Car Loan with Fast Canada Cash:


  >>  Minimum Paperwork:

Unlike other money lenders, we don’t make you fill any unnecessary paperwork. You only fill in the information that is required for the loan process.


  >>  No Credit Score Check:

We provide you with the loan on the basis of the title of your vehicle and not your score. So you can get the loan from us even if you have a bad one.


  >>  We don’t take your vehicle:

We only take the title of your vehicle so you get to keep and use your vehicle until you pay off your entire loan.


  >>  Easy Online Application Form:

You can easily apply for our loan online or you can visit our office near you.


Documentation & Requirements Need To Be Fulfilled:

>>  A valid Canadian driver’s license.

>>  A fully paid vehicle with a clear title.

>>  Vehicle registration in your name.

>>  The spare key.


To get Bad Credit Car Loans Regina with Fast Canada Cash, you can Apply Online, or Call us at +1-888-511-6791.


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Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Most people in Canada are still unfamiliar with Bad Credit Car Loans. All they know is it’s a way to get money but are not familiar with what it actually does and how they can benefit from it. No more confusion or wondering because we will answer all your questions regarding Bad Credit Car Loans.

Can I Get Bad Credit Car Loans With A Bad Credit Score?

Most people are unable to get a loan from the bank due their bad credit score. However, this isn’t the case with Bad Credit Car Loans. You can easily obtain a bad credit car loan with a bad credit score. Companies who provide Bad Credit Car Loans care more about the value of your vehicle rather than your credit score which is actually not a factor for the loan. Fast Canada Cash provides hassle-free Bad credit car Loans, so you don’t have to worry!

Is A Bad Credit Car Loan Better Than Other Loans?

Bad Credit Car Loans has many benefits that are different from other loans. Here are some of the benefits of Bad Credit Car Loans by Fast Canada Cash have to offer:

1. They provide loans even if you have a bad credit score.

2. They have low-interest rates as compared to any other loan providers in Saskatchewan.

3. Flexible loan terms up to 4 years.

4. Easily apply online without having to leave your home or wait hours in line.

Can I Improve My Credit Score With Car Title Loan?

Yes, if you pay your loan installments on time it helps in improving your credit score. You can also pay off your outstanding debt with the help of a Bad Credit Car Title Loan. By doing so, naturally your credit score will also improve.

How to Get Bad Credit Car Loans With Fast Canada Cash:

1. You can apply online

2. You can Call us (toll-free) +1-888-511-6791.

Get your loan today! Bad Credit Car Loans by Fast Canada Cash is here to help!

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