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Pay For Your Bills By Getting an Emergency Pawn Loan!

Saturday, May 25th, 2019

Life is full of unexpected events, so it’s not surprising that things happen in
life that leaves you short on cash. Regardless of whether it’s an urgent vet
treatment for the family pet, a leaking roof, a sudden medical emergency,
you will need to figure out a way to get the cash you need. Sometimes
you just don’t have enough money to put aside for such financial
problems. What you need is quick money to sort out all the emergency
situations in your life. Applying quickly and easily for a pawn loan or emergency
cash loan can help you out. You can count on Fast Canada Cash to get the
cash you need! Our emergency pawn loans are a great solution for any
sudden costs you may encounter.

Pawn Your Car And Get Money!

An emergency pawn loan is a type of emergency funding that uses your
car’s title as collateral. These loans are also called car title loans or car
collateral loans. The amount you’re eligible to borrow is based on the
market value and condition of your lien-free vehicle. You can borrow up to
$35,000 in as little as an hour and continue driving your car as normal all
while paying it back. There is no need to worry about losing your car as
long as you make regularly scheduled payments.


Need Emergency Cash?

If you need emergency cash and you own your car, you should apply now!
Get the emergency money you need today. These loans are very
convenient option when you need immediate financing to obtain the cash
support when you need it the most.


Fast and Instant Approval!

Our loans are fast and convenient. We have competitive interest rates,
flexible loan terms and low monthly payments with no prepayment
penalties. Most importantly, you can keep driving your car while you are
making your monthly payments at Fast Canada Cash. We’ll just put a lien
on your car’s title temporarily for the duration of the loan. When your loan is
paid off, the lien will be released. The process is really that simple and


Why Choose Fast Canada Cash for an Emergency Loan?

Secure and Quick Application Process
The application process only takes a few minutes to complete
Fast approval
Complete your application by filling in your personal information and the
details of your vehicle. We will assess your vehicle’s details and quickly
advise the amount you are eligible for. We approve you within minutes of
Interest Rates and Payment Plans:
Our interest rates are very low compared to our competitors. Low monthly
payment terms allow you to make small affordable payments that are
manageable and budget friendly.

Loan Terms
Our loan term is up to 4 years so you have plenty of time to pay us back.
There are also no penalties if you want to pay off your loan early.

Funds Transferred Same Day
Once approved, we’ll provide funds on the same day, so you get access to
your money as soon as possible.
Emergency Cash with Minimum Requirements
If you need emergency cash to pay for your bills right now, our pawn loans
are the best solution for you. The best part is you can keep your vehicle
with you while you make your loan payments.


Minimum Requirements To Get an Emergency Pawn Loan With Us

● Must own a vehicle that is free from any kind of financial obligations
● Must have a valid Canadian driver’s license.
● Provide proof of legal age
● Provide proof of permanent residence
● Must provide the second set of keys to your vehicle.
● Vehicle insurance and registration must be in your name


Overcome Your Emergency Quickly!

If you are ready to finally overcome your financial emergency, an
emergency pawn loan with us can help you do it. We want to help you get
back on your feet financially. Call us (toll-free) 1-(888) 511-6791 or apply
online to get approved today!


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How to Get No Credit Check Car Loan In Canada?

Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn, and you suddenly  need immediate cash to get back on the track. It is quite challenging to get your hands on the cash you require when you need it right away. It becomes more difficult to get cash especially when you have a bad credit score. So when you need money urgently, consider a No Credit Check Car Loan from Fast Canada Cash. Your best option for fast cash.


What Are No Credit Check Car Loans?

A no credit check car loan is a loan  that uses the borrower’s vehicle title as collateral for the loan.  So in other words, you get approved for a loan using the equity value in your vehicle instead of your credit history. You can easily get approved for a loan even if with  bad credit history. The amount of the loan depends on the market value and condition of your car.

Get a no credit check car loan with us means that you’ll submit less paperwork and need to meet only basic  requirements. The process of getting a loan from us is quicker and much more convenient compared to other loan lenders. Our online application is easy to follow and quick to fill out easily from the comfort of your own home.

How Much Can I  Borrow?

Borrow up to $35,000 depending on the market value and condition of your car. The details about your car’s make, model, year and kilometers  help us determine a rough estimate of the loan amount you are eligible for.

No Credit Check Car Loan


Benefits of Getting a No Credit Check Car Loan:

Cash on the same day

Get cash quickly regardless of your bad credit score. Our loan process is quick, easy and can be completed within minutes. Easily get your cash as early as  the same day.

Loan terms

Our loan terms are much longer compared to other lenders. We offer  up to 4 year loan terms. So, you get more time to repay your loan.


You can easily visit any one of our convenient locations across Canada or contact us (toll-free) 1-(888)-511-6791..

No credit checks and No job requirements

Our car collateral loans do not require credit checks or job requirements because these loans are secured by your vehicle (collateral) and not your credit score.

Quick approval with minutes

It takes just a couple minutes to complete our online application form.  Easily get approved as soon as you complete the minimum paperwork.

Low monthly Payments

Our monthly payments are much lower than our competitors and can be as  low as $99 per month. This helps with budgeting and making your monthly payments nothing to worry about.

No Prepayment Penalties

There are no penalties on early payments. Therefore, you can easily pay back or pay more monthly without worrying about being penalized.

Keep your car

No need to worry about how you will get around. You get  to keep your car and can continue driving as normal during the entire loan term.

There are some minimal things  that are required to get approved  with us:

You should own the  vehicle..

Your vehicle should be free from any financial obligations or liens.

Must have a  valid Canadian driver’s license

Your vehicle must be registered and insured in your name.

Must provide proof of permanent residency

Get the cash you need in just a few easy steps!

Call us or Apply online

Call us  (toll free) 1-(888)-511-6791  or fill out our online application form..

Submit the minimal paperwork

We require  minimal documents to approve your loan.

 Get your cash and keep driving your car

After completing the paperwork, you can get your cash as early as  the same day and simply drive away in your car.

Get Your Loan Approval Now!

So, if you are in need of  urgent cash, simply bring your car in and we’ll help you to get the loan. Start the loan application with us now for your no credit check car loan!

Call us (toll free) 1-(888)-511-6791 for further details or simply apply  online.

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Find The Quickest Way To borrow Money

Monday, February 4th, 2019

Sometimes you just need quick cash. You may need it for unexpected medical bills, to buy a  new house, to a buy new vehicle or to clear debts. Borrowing money may be the solution to  your financial difficulties and allow you to maintain a good healthy lifestyle. But what is the quickest way to borrow cash? Fast Canada Cash is the answer to  your problems. Getting a car title loan from us can help free you from financial emergencies in life.


What are Title Loans?

Title Loans are secured loans where you can borrow money using the equity in your car as collateral. The borrower gives the title of the vehicle to the lender in exchange for the money. These loans are also known as  car title loans, vehicle title loans or collateral loans. These types of loans are much easier to get and are the fastest way to borrow money quickly as compared to the traditional bank loan process.


Why Do People Consider Getting a Car Title Loan?

There are different reasons why people apply for car title loans to attain  emergency cash:

  1. A sudden medical emergency
  2. Loss of employment
  3. Moving expenses
  4. Vehicle or house repair

Quich cash Car title loan

How Much Money Can You Borrow?

Borrowing money from Fast Canada Cash provides  quick cash the same day. You can borrow up to $35,000 which is based on the make, model, mileage, market value and condition of your lien-free vehicle.

These loans provide a short-term solution by providing quick funds during an emergency.

Some Other advantages Include:

One of the most significant benefits of borrowing money from us is that you can keep your car  while making monthly loan payments. This becomes quite helpful especially for people who use their vehicle on a daily basis. Our title loans also benefit people with bad credit. So people with no so perfect credit history, whether good or bad, can apply for a  loan.

We understand  schedules are hectic and time is valuable. That is why we have a created a  streamlined application process that is fast and straightforward. We only request information that is required for the loan. You get access to the lowest interest rates in the industry.  We offer 4-year long loan terms that allows you enough time to pay your loan and pay the loan back whenever you feel like without penalty.

Fast Canada Cash provides some of the best interest rates which are the lowest in the industry. Get approval instantly with no credit checks because your car is your credit! Also, there is no need to  worry if you have bad credit or have no work experience. We provide loans to anyone regardless of credit history.

Our Car title loan have low manageable monthly payments. So you don’t need to  stress about paying back your loan. Easily make monthly payments or make any early payment without any worries of being charged of any early payment penalty. .

Our simple process takes a few minutes. You just need to call us or apply online to get started. Send over the minimal  paperwork, review and sign the loan agreements, get your money and drive away! .


Minimum requirements to qualify for a Car Title Loan with Fast Canada Cash:

  1. Must be the age of majority in your respected province.
  2. You must own a lien-free vehicle.
  3. Provide proof of permanent residence.
  4. The vehicle must be registered and insured in your name.

Additionally, you should provide us with:

  1. A valid Canadian driver’s license.
  2. The second set of keys to your car

So, when you need instant cash for your financial needs, let Fast Canada Cash solve all your financial hassles.. Get favorable and convenient payment terms at a low competitive interest rate. Call us now (toll-free) 1-(888)-511-6791 to get a vehicle title loan today! You can also apply online by filling out our quick and easy  application form. Our loan experts are ready to help and answer any questions you have regarding our  loan process.

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Need Financial help This Holiday Season? Get a Christmas Loan Now!

Monday, December 24th, 2018

Christmas is one the most beautiful times of the year but can be very  expensive too! A time meant for spending quality time with loved ones can turn into a stressful money-drag. Family dinners, holiday travel and buying gifts -all could be another few hundred dollars or more. You don’t want to skimp on presents for your kids or that perfect present for your loved ones. This season can be a time of significant financial stress for many people. Fast Cash Canada provides a solution to help cover all your short-term financial needs during this Christmas season by providing car title loan.

If you have a lien-free title on your vehicle, then there’s good news for you! You can get a title loan with us this Christmas! The application process is simple and quick, and you can get the money you need within an hour. 


How Do Car Title Loan Help You Get The Cash You Need  This Christmas?

Car title loans are secured loans in which you use your  vehicle as collateral to get cash for whatever you need. The lender places a lien on  car’s title in exchange for the loan amount. The vehicle that is being used as collateral is visually and physically inspected to confirm the loan amount that you are eligible for.

These loans can be an extra push to cover all the expenses during the holiday season.  While money is not everything, it is better to have enough during the Christmas  season because that extra income can be used for many things. Most people consider getting these types of loans since they provide cash fast and do not require the lengthy application and approval process. They  provide up to $35,000 , and offer affordable terms that won’t saddle you with debt.

How Much Cash Can You Get?

The amount of money you can borrow depends upon various factors such as the year, make, model, mileage, market value and condition of your lien-free vehicle. You can get up to $35,000 with us entirely based on its market value and condition. You can use this money to buy toys for your children, gifts for your family  and friends or maybe to go away on a holiday vacation. Having funds in hand makes it easier to take time off work for holiday without worry.


Some Benefits Of Applying for a Christmas Loan with us:

Cash in hand same day

Fast qualification process

Most extended loan term in the industry. Up to 4 years!

No penalties for paying out early

Payments as low as $99/month

No credit checks

No job requirements

Keep your car during the loan

Secure Application

We do ask for some  personal information, but are deeply committed to protecting it- we assure that your information is safe with us.


Required Items for a Car Title Loans Canada

The required items for a car title loans are minimal, so get started right now! Here’s all the things you need to bring to our location when you come to collect your cash:

Your car’s Clear title

A Valid Driver’s License

Proof of Vehicle Ownership

Your Vehicle for Inspection

So why wait? If you’d like to speed up the process, even more, you can start by filling up our online form. We guarantee that our interest rates are lower than any other title loan companies.


To qualify for a Car Title Loan, you must meet the following criteria:

You must have a vehicle (car, truck, van, s.u.v. or motorcycle) that is no more than ten years old

You must own and have a clear title to your vehicle.

You must have the vehicle both registered and insured in your name.

A valid Canadian driver’s license.

Proof of residency: any piece of computer-generated mail that has been sent to you at your address.

Your vehicle’s registration and insurance.


Applying For a Christmas Loan With Us Is Easy!

The Christmas title loan application process is short and simple allowing you to get approved for a fast title loan in less than one day.

  1. Apply Online or Call us and get approved
  2. Easy paperwork
  3. Get your Money
  4. Keep your car

We understand that at Christmas, time is valuable.  That’s why our speedy process is 100% online. Apply now for your Christmas loan with us and get your cash within minutes. Call us (toll-free)1-(888)-511-6791 to get your loan now!

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