Poor Credit Car Loan – Get Up To $100,000 Easy Cash Using A Car

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April 2, 2021
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May 12, 2021

A vehicle title loan is the perfect solution in fulfilling the urgent need for money. For this type of loan, the vehicle’s title is used as collateral in exchange for immediate cash. The vehicle will not be taken into custody and can be used as usual during the loan term. The loan amount that you are eligible to borrow depends on the equity value and working condition of your vehicle. A poor credit car loan won’t take your credit score under consideration. 

At Fast Canada Cash, we provide instant money through a car equity loan in the most convenient and accessible manner. We have been delivering great services to our satisfied customers throughout Canada. 

Poor Credit Car Loan

Why Choose Us?

  1. No Credit Score Needed: Your eligibility for this loan is not based on your credit score. A poor or zero credit score does not disqualify you from borrowing from us. You should be the true owner of your vehicle because only the title papers are used as collateral to get the loan. Your financial statement or debt records are not checked and will not judge you for that. Thus, having an incredible credit score is not a prerequisite to apply for our loan.
  2. Cash within 24 Hours : We understand that certain financial situations arise unexpectedly and you don’t have time to wait. The idea of “Cash on Same Day” is what we follow. That is why we start processing your loan application as soon as we receive it. The funds are disbursed within 24 hours of loan approval. 
  3. No Job Requirements : You are not required to have a fixed source of income or a permanent job in order to apply for a loan from us. Even if you are in between jobs you can still borrow from us.
  4. Competitive Interest Rates : We do not want to increase your financial stress by charging high-interest rates like banks and financial institutions do. The rate that we offer for borrowing money through a poor credit car loan is the most competitive in the car title loan industry. The monthly instalments are very low thus making them affordable and manageable.
  5. Longer Loan Duration : We do not want to rush you into repaying us the borrowed money; thus we guarantee you the longest loan tenure in the industry. You can repay your loan slowly over the next months in small and manageable installment payments.
  6. Easy Repayment Options : We at Fact Canada Cash, provide you with the easiest and most flexible repayment options. You can make the payment online or through any means that suit you the best.
  7. No prepayment penalty : Although, we will not pressure you to repay the loan immediately, if you wish to clear your dues before the loan period ends, you are free to do so. Unlike banks, there will be no penalties charged for early payment of the loan. Thus, you can get rid of this financial obligation without being charged a single penny.
  8. Easy and Convenient Process : The entire application and approval process is made easy and convenient for the borrower. Most of it can be completed online. It takes only 2 minutes to fill out the application form after which our loan representative will connect with you at instantly to guide you further in the process.


Apply online or call us now at our (toll free) number 1-(888) 511-6791.


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