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How To Cope Up With Late Payments By Taking Out Car Title Loans?

Monday, August 10th, 2020

Are you finding difficulty in getting approved for a quick loan? You need not worry at all. Fast Canada Cash will provide you with an instant loan where you can borrow money without worrying about penalties being charged on making early or late payments. It is done through car title loans where your car is used as collateral to secure the loan amount based on its market value and condition. 


 Poor credit? No Problem!

Your bad credit doesn’t affect your car title loan application unlike other types of traditional loans. These loans usually don’t require a credit check. They are designed especially for people with damaged credit from a history of late payments on their records.


There are very few requirements to get approved for a car title loan:

  • A clear title should be presented in the name of your vehicle.
  • You must provide the registration and insurance of your vehicle.
  • A valid Canadian Driver’s license is essential.
  • You must also handover proof of permanent residential certificate. 
  • You must be at least above eighteen years of age. 


How can you get the benefits with Fast Canada Cash?

Good credit history is not required to apply for car title loans. At Fast Canada Cash, we don’t do credit checks. Instead, we base your borrowing amount on the value of your car. These are secured loans with very low-interest rates and lower monthly payments. There is a good advantage to these loans as you won’t be charged any penalty for making early or late payments. You can borrow upto $35,000 with us. Since the car is your asset, we allow you to keep driving it throughout the loan period.


With Fast Canada Cash, you can anytime apply for the loans and get the cash quickly. For more details, you can visit our website or call us at toll-free(1-888-511-6791)


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How Can You Get Approved For Cash Loans Online?

Monday, August 10th, 2020

There are times in our life when extra financial help is required to cover up our unexpected expenses. This can be because of a car or house repair, to  deal with any kind of medical emergency, sudden death in family, education expenses etc.  All these can be expensive and fast access to cash is the only option that can help you out. This is where cash loans online with Fast Canada Cash prove to be the best solution for you. With these loans, you will be approved within minutes of applying online and get cash on the very same day. 

Cash loans online are also known as car title loans or car collateral loans where your vehicle is required to provide the cash for your financial emergencies. The vehicle’s lien free title will be used as collateral and the loan amount will be provided according to its present market value and condition. With Fast Canada Cash, the requirements to get these loans are minimum. You just require to bring in your vehicle, its documents and your valid Canadian driver’s license. 


Benefits To Get Cash Loans Online With Fast Canada Cash

  • The Loan process is extremely fast as you can apply online
  • You can borrow an amount up to $35,000 easily on your vehicle.
  •  You are allowed to keep your car with you during the loan tenure.  
  • Experience long and flexible loan terms for up to 4 years
  • There are no checks on your credit history and no employment checks
  • Cash will be provided on the same day.
  • The interest rates are very low


Hurry up and fill in the online application form for cash loans online with Fast Canada Cash now. You can also give us a call at (toll free)1-(888)-511-6791 to speak with one of our loan experts who will solve all the queries regarding the loan process. 


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Where Can You Get A Low Monthly Car Collateral Loan?

Thursday, June 4th, 2020


Loans have helped many people in tough financial situations. People opt for personal loans, mortgages etc. to deal with monetary troubles. Auto equity loans are yet to be explored and exploited to their full potential by Canadians. These loans are still to be used in the same manner as house equity loans are being used. People have many doubts and myths regarding these loans and still hesitate to apply for these loans from private lenders. Whenever some financial emergency comes their way, they usually go to banks for personal loans or prefer other options. In this article,  you’ll understand the concept of an auto equity loan. By the end you’ll be all set to take your first low monthly car collateral loan and come out of your  financial stress. 

Let’s begin by  describing car collateral loans in detail to help you decide and perhaps ease your mind about these loans. Obviously, you’ll need a car in order to get this loan. The car must be fully paid for and must have a clear title The car should be registered in your name and be no older than ten years. The present market value and condition of the car decides the amount of the loan you’ll be eligible for. Aside from that there are a few more things that are required. 


  • Proof of permanent residence 
  • Proof of vehicle registration and insurance in your name
  • Valid Driver’s licence (Canadian)
  • Car keys (second set only)
  • Proof of legal age as per your province

How to get a Car Title Loan

Having read about the basic requirements for a car title loan, the next step would be knowing about the process to apply for it. This loan is also known as auto equity loan or car collateral loan. There are different car title loan lenders out there providing technically the same service. But what makes Fast Canada Cash a better option for the borrower is the convenience we offer.. Simply fill out an application form on our website which asks for  basic car information like the year,  make, model and kilometers. This information is required to prequalify you and give you a rough estimate of the loan amount you can get against your car. 


You’ll find the following benefits   with our low monthly car collateral loan service:

  • Low interest rates – Although we encourage our clients to compare and choose the lender which suits them  best, we are proud to say that our interest rates will make you select us over any other lender out there! We provide our loans through very competitive interest rates. 
  • Ease of Applying – As discussed earlier, we have a very easy application process giving you a hassle-free loan experience. To start off, you have the option of contacting us at any hour of the day. This helps you get your hands on the information in real time. The complete process is done online and the applicant can apply from his home, through his mobile or laptop.  
  • Transparency– We believe in keeping things fair and transparent with our clients. All terms and conditions are discussed with them in detail. We encourage questions to clear any doubts or concerns.
  • Early Payment Fees – We don’t charge our customers with a prepayment penalty in case they want to pay out their loan before the maturity date. Our title loans are open giving the borrower an opportunity to close the loan at any time.

Why Us

A good credit score is a mandatory requirement for other lenders because they don’t want to risk their money by lending it to those with a poor track record.  Our payment system is flexible and works in favour of the borrower. We have faith in our borrowers and hence a reputable credit score is not what we need. This makes us the best choice in the market for people who have a bad or poor credit score but are in need of a bad  credit car loan.

On approval of a  low monthly car collateral loan, you’ll have to surrender the title of your vehicle, and not the physical vehicle itself. This is yet another reason why our client base is increasing day by day. We just hold on to the tite papers and spare keys to your  car. You are free to drive away with your vehicle and be on your merry way!

For more information, call (toll free) 1-(888)-511-6791 or you can apply online also.


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Car Title Loans – How To Borrow Using My Vehicle

Thursday, April 9th, 2020

Making  decisions related to loans and investments can get a little overwhelming. Seeking  financial advice from family and friends can help but can still cause worries. An unwanted emergency financial situation is something that everybody wants to save themselves from. In terms  of loans, many people have doubts and several questions. Financial emergencies can come at any time and while being financially prepared is ideal it is not always the case. So what if your bank rejects your loan application on the basis of your credit report? Or, what if you get stuck in a long waiting game, awaiting the disbursal of urgent needed funds?  ? It makes more sense to get help when you need it! Get a car title loan from Fast Canada Cash to put an end to your immediate cash needs. Continue reading to find out, “ How to borrow using my vehicle?”.

There are many advantages to a car title  loan with Fast Canada Cash. Applying for an auto title  loan has become as easy as your ABCs. All you need to do is go online and fill out a basic application form. 

It’s All About The Car Title Loans 

When you apply for a personal loan from a bank, you are basically applying for an unsecured  loan. You don’t use any of your assets as collateral in order to borrow the money. You are usually approved for a loan  when the bank has confidence in the borrower meaning the borrower has a great credit score, a strong proof of income accompanied with  shining credit history. The problem arises when the borrower is buried in debt or stuck in an emergency situation that needs funds quickly. Even people with good credit cannot get funds from banks within a day, let alone the ones with poor credit history as they have a very precise lengthy loan process.    

People with not so good credit scores have a great option of getting an  auto title loan instead which are secured loans obtained using the title papers of your  vehicle. With Fast Canada Cash, you can easily get up to $35,000 against the title papers of your car.  

Advantages of a Car Title Loan

    • Get Money Instantly: We know you want your money quickly, and keeping that in mind we start working on your loan requests as soon as we receive it. Within the next 24 hours you can get your  money, provided you submit all the required documents. 
    • Credit Doesn’t Matter: Loan approval is based on the equity value and condition of your car. We  don’t need your credit report. We believe that one slight mistake in the past should not hamper your eligibility in  borrowing funds in the future. 
    • Keep Your Car: Your vehicle is required for the inspection process. . Once it has been  evaluated we hand over the cash and you are free to drive off in your vehicle. We won’t ask you to leave your  vehicle physically with us. You can keep using it for the whole loan tenure as normal.. 
    • No Job Requirement: Many lenders want their borrowers to provide  proof of employment and income before they process the loan request/application. This is where we are different. We do not require any employment verification to proceed. We will, however, verify with you that you are okay and comfortable with making the  monthly installments, before proceeding.
    • Competitive Interest Rates: Our loan payment plans are affordable  to suit every borrower that comes our way. We also offer  competitive rates of interest. Rest assured that our interest rates will be the best amongst  the car title loan market. 
    • Long Loan terms: Generally title loans are short term loans and are required to be repaid under a year’s time. But with us there is no  need to worry about that. We give our customers a good 4 years to repay the loan. This helps with managing your monthly budgets efficiently. 


Stop googling things like ‘can i borrow using my vehicle?’, ‘are title loans good?’, but instead go to our website to apply now. You can also contact us by calling toll free 1(888)-511-6791. 

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Is Getting A Loan Against Car Title Good?

Sunday, February 16th, 2020

What is a Loan Against the Title of a Car?

Before we move on with anything else, we must understand the concept of what a loan against car title is. It is a type of a secured loan, in which a borrower takes a specific loan amount against the title papers of his auto vehicle for a specific time period. A  vehicle such as a hatchback, SUV, van or truck can be used but there are a few requirements. The first and foremost required thing is the title of a car. It must be a lien-free, clear car title. By clear title we mean there shouldn’t be any liens on the vehicle. The vehicle being used for this loan should also be fully paid off. The borrower must not be paying any installments or have any financial obligations tied to a dealership or a financial institution. 

Other requirements include government photo ID and proof of residence is required such as  any computer generated utility bill in the name of the borrower will do. Since we are talking about a car title loan, a valid Canadian driver’s licence  is a must. The borrower should also be of a legal age according to the province of residence. Vehicle ownership documents i.e. registration papers in the name of the borrower is also a must. 

After arranging all these documents, the next major step is getting your car inspected for accidents, scratches and condition.. The inspection process is done thoroughly and the equity value of the car is calculated. This value matters greatly  for such loans. It will decide the qualifying loan amount a borrower will be eligible for. After the inspection process is over and the qualifying loan amount is calculated, the borrower is asked to submit the title papers and an extra set of car keys  to us. The car is given back to the borrower along with the cash loan. The process is done on the same day, and within hours the borrower gets to go with the car and the cash. The title papers are kept until the loan term is over and the borrower returns the loan amount with interest.  If the borrower wants to pay the loan early  before the completion of the loan term, he is free to do so with no penalty charged for prepayment. 

Benefits of Car Title Loan

A car title loan is one of the fastest and hassle-free ways of getting a loan. Many things can hamper the loan process, a bad credit score being the number one on the list. Bad credit score can immediately result in a rejection for a loan from the banks regardless of  what a borrower is going through and how urgent the needs are for funds. And, let’s say your credit score is good and you’re eligible for the loan, the process from submission of the documents until the approval and disbursal of the loan can take days or weeks. So, if your loan requirement is urgent and you need cash on the same day or within hours, loan against your car title is the best option to go with.

There are more benefits to a car title loan :-

  • The borrower has to submit very few documents which are normally basic documents you regularly have access to.
  • Paperwork is minimal compared to a traditional source of lending.
  • The borrower gets to drive their car as there’s no requirement to keep your vehicle with us. 
  • Fast Canada Cash provides long loan terms of up to 4 years, making it easy for the borrower to pay back  the loan money. 
  • The most convenient benefit is the NO penalty charge for the early payment of the loan.
  • Borrowers can enjoy the NO credit check benefit also. Loan approval is given irrespective of a bad credit score, as the title papers are important in this type of loan  and not the credit score. Even the credit history plays no important role.     
  • The source of income or job requirement is also not asked of. 
  • The loan amount is disbursed within no time and the borrower gets the cash in hand to solve all their  financial problems.

Money plays a crucial role in today’s survival. One may face trouble where he requires urgent cash to bail himself out. He cannot rely on banks or wait months. A loan against your car title is the best way out. Fast Canada Cash is here to help you in difficult times. Call us today at toll-free 1-(888) 511-6791 or apply online and get your car approved. 


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Overcome Your Financial Stress With a Car Equity Loan!

Saturday, November 2nd, 2019

We all get frustrated with our financial problems at some point, and sadly, we do not know how or what to do to overcome such difficulties. When a sudden emergency arises, it puts us in a situation where instant cash is required. Getting help from a bank or financial institution is usually not the best solution especially if you have bad credit. Borrowing money from family and relatives is also a difficult task and not always ideal. In the end, this situation increases mental stress. But no need to worry now, as Fast Canada Cash provides a car equity loan to solve your financial emergencies. With the help of these loans, you can easily overcome your stress and put your mind at ease. You do not have to worry about your bad credit because your credit history does not matter for the loan approval. Only your car title is essential for the loan process because it is used as collateral for the loan.


 There Are Some Top Reasons Why People Need Cash Immediately:

 Some people need a car title loan to get cash fast. Let’s look at some of the reasons why people find themselves in this situation:

Medical Emergency:

If you have health problems, they can be costly. Medical emergencies are a severe challenge, especially when you have financial issues. Some people are not able to pay high medical bills.

Home Repair:

Some home repairs usually require immediate attention like a broken roof during the rainy season or any other type of repair work that is to be done.


Paying for education requires money! Many people take out a loan for their education since they don’t have the money on hand. University or College is also usually very costly or expensive.

On what basis is the loan amount decided?

At Fast Canada Cash, your loan amount depends upon two things which decide the exact amount you can borrow- the market value and condition of your car.

If the market value of your car is high, then you have a higher chance of getting a more significant loan amount. The condition of your car also helps in getting a higher amount on your car equity loan.

Can you get a loan if you are unemployed?

Yes! Your job and your poor credit are not crucial for the loan application. If you are unemployed, then you can still be able to apply for a car title loan with us. You can also use your car as usual while making regular loan payments. Your vehicle is not stored with us.

Borrow up to $35,000!

Fast Canada Cash is the fastest way to get cash especially when you have no other options left. All you require is a fully owned vehicle that is not older than ten years. You can borrow up to $35,000 based on the condition and the market value of your car. Our loan terms are up to 4 years, with no penalties for paying out early.

Some  benefits associated with getting a car equity loan with Fast Canada Cash are:

  • Get the cash you need quickly
  • Easy and fast loan approval process.
  • All credit types are accepted
  • Longer loan terms of up to 4 years!
  • Monthly payments as low as $99/month
  • No penalties for paying out early
  • Keep driving your car for the duration of the loan while making payments.


To qualify for a car equity loan, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have a vehicle that is no more than ten (10) years old.
  • You must own and have a clear title to your vehicle.
  • proof vehicle both registered and insured in your name.
  • Posses a valid Canadian driver’s license.
  • Proof of residency: any piece of computer-generated mail that has been sent to you at your address.


Quick and easy process to get Car Equity Loans with Us:

Step One – Call us or Apply Online & Get Approved

Just a  quick call or apply online and you can get approved for a loan to get quick cash.

Step Two – Easy Paperwork

Submit your documents, and you can complete this whole process in under an hour.

Step Three – Get Money

After the documentation process, you will get your money. Be on your way with the cash and your car.

If you are looking forward to getting cash immediately, then apply now for a car equity loan with Fast Canada Cash and get your money today! Fill out the online application form and our experts will contact you as soon as possible. You can also call us (toll-free) 1-(888) 511-6791 and get the financial help you need.


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Friday, December 7th, 2018

During an emergency, we all look for a way to get back on our feet. It can be really hard to get out of debt especially when there is a lack of money and when it seems no one is willing to lend you the money. A Car title loan or a vehicle title loan is the best option for you to get the cash you need without any hassles. If you live in Chatham Kent, and in need of urgent money then a car title loan by Fast Canada Cash is the best option for you!

At Fast Canada Cash, we strive to provide help to those going through a rough time and offer assistance to those who have been rejected help. We put our faith into our customers and try to help them in any way we can!

Get a Best Car Title Loan by Fast Canada Cash!

    >> No Credit History Is Required: If you get a car title loan from us, you don’t have to worry about your credit history. It really doesn’t bother us, whether you  have good, bad or no credit at all because we base your loan  on the value and condition of your vehicle; not your credit

    >> No Job Is Required: Most are not eligible to get a loan at other institutions due to the lack of income or no job.  At Fast Canada Cash you can get a car title loan even without a job.

    >> You Get To Keep Your Car: After getting the title loan from us you get to keep your car and use it as normal for the entire loan term. As soon as you pay off your loan, the title of your car is returned to you.

    >> Easy Loan Process: You can either visit our local office in your area or you can apply online.

    >> Friendly Customer Service: Our friendly loan agents are always available to help! Call them today clear your doubts or visit our office to have all your questions answered.

To get a title loan from us; apply online, or call us (toll-free) 1-888-511-6791

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Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

Get all the information from Fast Canada Cash

Do you qualify for a bad credit car equity loan? Have all your questions answered with Fast Canada Cash?  Not everyone is easily approved for a   bank loan and those who are approved find out the hard way the number of formalities required during the loan process. The lengthy process of bank loans makes it really hard for people with bad credit scores to get any help when they need it most.

During an emergency, there isn’t much time to waste on such lengthy loan procedures from the bank. Bad credit car equity loan from Fast Canada Cash can help you through your difficult times. Bad credit car equity loans have proven to be the answer to your cash problems.

How Does It Work?

To apply for a bad credit car equity loans with Fast Cash Canada, all you need is a fully paid for the vehicle in good condition and registered under your name. The title of your vehicle is used as collateral (security) for the loan. The best part is you get to the keep and use your vehicle for the entire loan term. The loan amount you get depends on the value and condition of your car. As soon as you pay off the loan you are free to walk away with your car title.

Unlike other lending companies, Fast Canada Cash does not charge its customers with any prepayment penalties or any other fees. You can have all your financial doubts cleared by our experts. They are here to help you at every step of the loan process. Fast Canada Cash is the answer to all your financial needs.

If you live in Canada and need instant cash to feel free to contact Fast Canada Cash (toll-free) 1-(888)-511-6791 and have all your issues resolved. You can also apply online and get registered today.

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Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Lenders do not make life easy with their ongoing efforts to maximize profits from financial loans. They raise interest rates and can make life unpleasant sometimes. In such situation consider car equity loans by Fast Canada Cash. We deliver cash within the same day, back to back on the simplest of loan procedures. A car equity loan will get you back on your feet and help resolve any financial problems that life throws at you.

At Fast Canada Cash, we do not provide unnecessary unrealistic proposals and we will not charge extremely high-interest rates. Lower rates translate into manageable payment programs that can accommodate almost every type of budget.


fast cash canada

Car equity loans can alleviate any financial stress in a very short period of time. , In order to loan with us you need to prepare the following basic documents:

  • Proof of permanent residence
  • A vehicle with a clear title
  • Must be of legal age
  • Must have collision and comprehensive insurance
  • Vehicle must be registered in your name

By providing these simple documents, you can easily apply for a car equity loan and get approval within the same day. Your loan eligible loan amount will depend on the value of and condition your vehicle.

So if you are going through a financial emergency, apply for a car equity loan today!

Apply online, or call us at + 1-(888)-511-6791, or even visit our office in the city near you.

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Thursday, December 21st, 2017

Are you in need of emergency funds and finding it hard getting help from the bank? Consider a car title loan by Fast Canada Cash! Fast Canada Cash is one of the leading car title loan providers in Canada that provide short-term as well as long-term car title loans on your vehicle.

Fast Canada Cash uses your vehicle as collateral and provides you money according to the value of your vehicle. You don’t have to worry about getting rejected due to your poor credit score because unlike banks, we don’t consider your credit score for the loan.

At Fast Canada Cash, we understand that emergency situations can come anytime. That is why we always consider your best interest and try to provide loans that fit most peoples’ needs. Our customers walk out of our offices relieved and happy because they are assured with the hope of getting past their hard times with our help through a car title loan.

bad credit Car title loans

Our Approval Process is very simple:

1. Apply online or call us
2. Fill out the paperwork required
3. Get approved within hours of applying
4. Get your cash on the same day of approval.

Documents required to qualify for the loan:

-> Canadian Driver’s License

-> Vehicle Registration

-> Proof of Residence

-> Proof of Insurance

-> An extra key to your car

If you live in Saskatchewan and need urgent cash in less than a day, apply for a car title loan provided by Fast Canada Cash. You can either call us at + 1-(888)-511-6791 or you can just apply online.

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