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March 26, 2020
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Making  decisions related to loans and investments can get a little overwhelming. Seeking  financial advice from family and friends can help but can still cause worries. An unwanted emergency financial situation is something that everybody wants to save themselves from. In terms  of loans, many people have doubts and several questions. Financial emergencies can come at any time and while being financially prepared is ideal it is not always the case. So what if your bank rejects your loan application on the basis of your credit report? Or, what if you get stuck in a long waiting game, awaiting the disbursal of urgent needed funds?  ? It makes more sense to get help when you need it! Get an instant loan online from Fast Canada Cash to put an end to your immediate cash needs. Continue reading to find out, “ How to borrow using my vehicle?”.

There are many advantages to a car title  loan with Fast Canada Cash. Applying for an auto title  loan has become as easy as your ABCs. All you need to do is go online and fill out a basic application form. 

It’s All About The Instant Loans Online 

When you apply for a personal loan from a bank, you are basically applying for an unsecured loan. You don’t use any of your assets as collateral in order to borrow the money. You are usually approved for a loan when the bank has confidence in the borrower meaning the borrower has a great credit score, a strong proof of income accompanied with shining credit history. The problem arises when the borrower is buried in debt or stuck in an emergency situation that needs funds quickly. Even people with good credit cannot get funds from banks within a day, let alone the ones with poor credit history as they have a very precise lengthy loan process.    

People with not so good credit scores have a great option of getting an instant loan online instead which are secured loans obtained using the title papers of your  vehicle. With Fast Canada Cash, you can easily get up to $100,000 against the title papers of your car.  

Advantages of a Title Loan

    • Get Money Instantly: We know you want your money quickly, and keeping that in mind we start working on your loan requests as soon as we receive it. Within the next 24 hours you can get your  money, provided you submit all the required documents. 
    • Credit Doesn’t Matter: Loan approval is based on the equity value and condition of your car. We  don’t need your credit report. We believe that one slight mistake in the past should not hamper your eligibility in  borrowing funds in the future. 
    • Keep Your Car: Your vehicle is required for the inspection process. . Once it has been  evaluated we hand over the cash and you are free to drive off in your vehicle. We won’t ask you to leave your  vehicle physically with us. You can keep using it for the whole loan tenure as normal.. 
    • No Job Requirement: Many lenders want their borrowers to provide  proof of employment and income before they process the loan request/application. This is where we are different. We do not require any employment verification to proceed. We will, however, verify with you that you are okay and comfortable with making the  monthly installments, before proceeding.
    • Competitive Interest Rates: Our loan payment plans are affordable  to suit every borrower that comes our way. We also offer  competitive rates of interest. Rest assured that our interest rates will be the best amongst  the car title loan market. 
    • Long Loan terms: Generally title loans are short term loans and are required to be repaid under a year’s time. But with us there is no  need to worry about that. We give our customers a good 4 years to repay the loan. This helps with managing your monthly budgets efficiently. 

Stop googling things like ‘can i borrow using my vehicle?’, ‘are title loans good?’, but instead go to our website to apply now. You can also contact us by calling toll free 1(888)-511-6791. 

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