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September 27, 2022
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October 13, 2022

There are times that it is hard to cope with the monthly payments, such as payment for the mortgage, water bills, electricity bills, and tuition fees, to mention a few. You may want a loan for your house repairs, but you are scared of the high monthly payment. Some loans with flexible payment terms are not heavy on your budget. One example of that loan is the low monthly payment car loan  Delta British Columbia

What Are The Qualifications?

  • Age must not be less than 18 years old with a valid driver’s license
  • You own an insured vehicle with a collision deductible and is less than ten years old
  • Your car must be insured and registered in your name.
  • There must be a second set of keys to your vehicle.

5 Benefits of Loans Using Your Car

  • Cash for car allows you to use your vehicle for the entire loan duration. You can still have your car for personal use, or you may use it for added income. You can rent it to your friends or use your vehicle for delivery.
  • If you need fast cash, use your car as collateral. Processing your loan is easy and quick, and you can get your money on the same day.
  • A bad credit score is not a problem. You can still get a loan even if your credit scores are bad.
  • No job requirement. The lender won’t ask about your employment history. You can get a car loan even if you are jobless.
  • You can use your loan for your business, like paying for your staff’s salary, supplies, or renovation and purchases when money is tight.  

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