Documents Needed To Get A Title Loan On My Car?

Documents Needed To Get A Title Loan On My Car

When you face a financial problem and are unable to get instant help anywhere, you may feel that your world is falling apart. But we have the perfect solution for you in the form of a car title loan. This loan is processed quickly and it takes only less than 24 hours for you to have the loan amount in your hands. Let’s learn more about this loan.

What Does It Mean To Take A Title Loan On My Car?

The loan you get against your car title is called a car title loan. You can get this loan from any private lending institution like us, Fast Canada Cash. The most interesting feature about this loan is its fast processing and zero credit score checks. You heard it right, there are no credit checks conducted because your eligibility for the loan depends on the equity and condition of your fully-paid vehicle and not your personal creditworthiness. Also, you are free to keep your car even for the duration of the loan.

What Process Do I Need To Follow To Get Title Loan On My Car?

Step 1:

Fill up the short and simple application form on our website. All you need to place there is your personal information and the information about your car.

Step 2:

For the next step, our loan representative will visit you to inspect your vehicle and verify the documents. The vehicle should be a fully-paid vehicle that is not older than 10 years old.

Step 3:

Once we are satisfied with the authenticity of your documents and condition of your car, we will take your application forward and will let you know the loan amount you are eligible for. This loan is dependent on the condition and value of your car.

Step 4:

In this step, we will sit down with you to finalize the terms and conditions of the loan. This is an instrument loan that stretches up to 4 years. So, we will decide the payment schedule at your convenience.

Step 5:

Lastly, we will give you the loan amount in the form of cash or through e-transfer.

Documents To Be Verified To Get Title Loan On My Car Loan Approve in Just 24 Hours

  1. Proof of legal age.
  2. A vehicle that is not more than ten years old.                       
  3. A valid Canadian driver’s license.
  4. Proof of permanent residency.
  5. Proof of registration of car under your name.
  6. An all-inclusive car insurance policy under your name.

Please note that we won’t keep any documents with us, except your car title and spare keys.

If you want to solve your financial problems through a car title loan, contact our toll-free number at 1-888-511-6791.


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