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Bad Credit Auto Loans – The Ultimate Financing Solution!

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

Overdue bills or medical expenses can keep you on your toes. A sudden job loss can burn a hole in your pocket with monthly expenses adding up. An unfortunate funeral expense can toss your monthly budget in the air. Such instances can cause unwanted worry and mental stress if there’s no sufficient funding available. If you ever find yourself trapped in such a situation and your pocket can’t afford more burden, worry not!  Use your vehicle to get a loan by using the car title papers as collateral.. Since we don’t do any credit checks, loaning money from us is the best possible solution to all your money woes. A bad credit auto loan from Fast Canada Cash gives access to instant money based on the equity value of your vehicle. If you have a fully paid-off car with a lien-free title our competitive interest rates can get you the cash you need.   

Q. What is a title loan?

Title loans are ideal for people who require  money immediately. These loans don’t have any major requirements like traditional banks do. As long as you own a car and have a  clear title in your possession, you are eligible to apply for a quick title loan. When we say quick, we mean your loan application can  be approved and receive money in under 24 hours.. The most helpful point for the borrower is that, unlike other lenders we don’t keep your vehicle. We just hang on to the title papers during the loan term. . 

Q. How can an auto title loan be used?

A car title loan can be used to handle all your  unexpected expenses. Because of the ease and convenience of loan processing compared to personal loans from banks these types of  loans can easily be used to deal with any sort of financial hardships. Most Canadians live paycheck to paycheck and any extra expense can add a lot of extra stress. Minor house repairs work can cost hundreds of dollars, let alone a medical emergency. Relocating to a new place and establishing everything from  scratch can be a real financial burden. It’s really up to you on how or what you use the money for. A car title loan can be used however you see fit.

Q. How much money can I get?

The amount of money you get depends on the condition and the equity value of your vehicle. If your car is a newer car in  good condition, it likely is worth more. At Fast Canada Cash you can easily apply for a loan up to $35,000. In order to qualify your vehicle must have a clear title and free of any financial obligations.  

Q. How do I apply for a title loan?

To apply for a bad credit auto loan, please apply online and provide the following items to us:

  • Vehicle (for inspection only)
  • Vehicle Title (lien-free)
  • Proof of permanent residence
  • Government Issued ID
  • Proof of vehicle registration and insurance in your name
  • Driver’s licence (Canadian)
  • Car keys (spare set that works on the doors and the engine)

Q. What are the benefits of a Title Loan?

  • Fast Cash 

Our loan process is quick, simple and you can receive the cash in 24 hours or less. We are proud to say that we provide our customers with instant and on-site title loans.

  • Minimal Paperwork

We only require basic documents that you have quick access to. We also only ask for information we require for the loan and nothing more.

  • Keep Your Car 

At the time of an emergency many people think of selling their assets to obtain fast cash. But that’s not the case with our bad credit auto loans. You can keep and continue using your vehicle while making loan payments.

  • No Prepayment Penalties

Pay off your loan whenever you feel comfortable. We will not charge any prepayment penalties! Auto title lending is a short-term finance option which people use for immediate cash requirements and are sure about paying it back in a couple of months. We understand that hence we have kept it open for the borrower to close the loan whenever they choose without worry. 

  • No Employment Details Asked

At Fast Canada Cash, car title loans are available to all. Low income or between jobs, anyone can apply for our loans. All  you need is to have a car that is fully paid off, a lien free vehicle to apply for the loan. 

Don’t let money problems take a toll on your mental health. Get a car title loan from us. Call toll free 1-(888)-511-6791 or you can apply online. Talk to one of our loan executives and get the loan money today. 

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Top Reasons To Opt For a Minimum Credit Score Loan

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020


Are you facing a  cash crunch in your business?

Capital requirements for any business have no end at all. It keeps the business owners on their toes at all times. Various types of businesses  require smooth inward cash flow to ensure proper healthy functioning of the business… It could be anything. Businesses require capital every now and then. Not being able to meet  such obligations could take a toll on your mental state. One has to plan the finances wisely especially for present expenses and future ones. But it’s not always in our hands. Sometimes inward cash flows can be less than the outgoing cash.

There’s nothing to worry about as we have the best solution for your business cash problems. A minimum credit score loan can be taken out to put life back into your business. This loan is the best way out to obtain the cash  you need for your business. There is no need to rely on a bank for a loan or worry about your credit.

There are chances that someone is establishing a new business and wants a loan for the same. But because of no records of credit history, bank may refuse  to give any kind of loan to them. Banks don’t give loans to new business very easily unless they have collateral or good credit history.. New businesses are a risk for them to invest in. They want a business that is  doing good, to be sure they get their loan money back.

With minimum credit score loans, there’s no worry of getting rejected due to bad credit history or no credit history for that matter. All that’s required is a vehicle. Yes, you can use your car to get thousand of dollars as loan and without any credit checks. You also do not have to sell your vehicle. Rather, you  use the equity value of the car, and get a loan against that value. We at Fast Canada Cash provide car title loans which require the borrower to use their  car which is totally paid off. He can use his car title papers as collateral to obtain immediate cash from us. There’s no point in waiting  days or weeks to get a loan from a bank when you can opt for an auto title loan and get funds on the same day.

Quick Financing

Quick loans for business are only possible if you choose to go with minimum credit score loan. It takes just one day to approve these loans. After submitting all the required documents, we take less than 24 hours to check and verify the paperwork. You’ll get the approval in no time.

No Credit Checks

It is a secured loan and is backed by the title documents of your vehicle. Because of this reason we don’t go into your credit score details. People with any credit score can apply for these loans. It is a convenient factor that is allowing more and more people to choose this option over any other financing tool in the market.

No Credit History Required

New business owners may not be able to  show credit history as they are yet to start off. We understand this and hence don’t want your credit history. We will give you a loan even if you have  poor credit history. All that matters to us is your lien-free vehicle that is insured in your name.

Long Payment Term

Car title loans with Fast Canada Cash are spread over a period of 4 years. This gives business owners plenty of time to pay the loan back. The monthly payments for the loan over such a long period can be as low as $99 which is a nominal amount.

Pay Early If You Want

A minimum credit score loan from us can be paid back early at your convenience and we won’t charge a single penny for it. You are free to close the loan at any time.

Keep The Vehicle

While taking a car title loan from us you don’t have to worry about losing  your car. You get to drive your car throughout the loan term while you make regular payments. We just keep the title  of your car until you pay back the loan in full. Once you have paid in full you can reclaim your title papers and apply online for a car title loan with Fast Canada Cash today! Call toll free 1-888- 511-6791 and get the information for the money you need for your business.

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