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Got Financial Troubles? Get an Auto Title Loan To Help Solve Your Problems!

Sunday, April 14th, 2019


Emergencies and unexpected costs can happen at any given time!. But when they do happen, you need a quick financial solution to support your financial needs. Fast Canada Cash is here to assist you by providing secure, comfortable, and reliable auto title loans at the lowest interest rates around.


Auto title loans are taken against the value of your car. Your car’s title is used as collateral for the loan. This is why these are also known as car collateral loans. They are simple and easy!. There is a need to have good credit records to get approved and the loan amount you can borrow is based on your vehicle’s market value and condition.  Auto title loans from Fast Canada Cash helps you get cash within the same day and is the best method if you require cash right away. There are no restrictions on what you can do with the loan amount that you get. You can utilize your cash in any way you want.



Because title loans are different from other bank loans, they typically have only a few requirements:




  • A lien-free vehicle with a clear title
  • A valid Canadian driver’s license
  • Proof of legal age
  • Proof of vehicle registration and insurance in your name
  • Proof of permanent residence
  • The second set of keys to your vehicle.



Keep your car!


There is no need to leave your car when you apply for an auto title loan with us. Keep driving your car while paying the loan back.



Bad Credit Doesn’t Matter!


Because our auto title loans are based on the market value of your vehicle, it doesn’t matter what your credit score is. We accept all types of credits. This is why these loans are also known as bad credit car loans because they are great for people who have a bad credit history.



What are the Benefits of an Auto Title Loan?



  • They are quick- You can get an approval within minutes of applying.
  • They are easy to get- You can walk in with your title and receive your money within the same day.
  • They do not require a credit check- We do not check your credit score before approving you for our loans.
  • Lowest interest rate- The interest rates on these loans are the lowest in the industry.  With us, you’ll be able to qualify for low-interest rate loans.
  • Installment loans- These loans can be paid in small installments which can help build your credit score back and get your life back on track.

No penalties on early payment- You get the advantage of paying back your loan at any time without worrying about paying extra fees for doing so.


There are numerous reasons why people apply for auto title loans. Here are just a few of the best reasons:


To Pay Off Bills


Surprising bills can genuinely put a crimp on your finances.

Getting an auto title loan might be the solution to your problem. You will get immediate cash help to pay your overdue bills.


Medical Expenses


Unexpected illnesses, accidents, or injuries can leave an individual or family with a mountain of expenses to worry about.   These expenses can be covered with the help of quick cash by applying for an auto title loan.


To Pay for Emergency Repairs


Things never appear to happen when you have cash in your pocket. You may need quick financial help for car repairs, home renovation or for job loss. This is where you can get instant cash help!


Apply Now For Your Auto Title Loans!


Getting money fast when you require it the most can be difficult. Fast Canada Cash has helped many people get the money they need quickly. So hurry up and apply for your loan today.


Call us today (toll-free) 1- (888)511-6791 or fill out our online application form.


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How Can You Get A Loan Using Your Car As Collateral?

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019

There is a time when you may need quick cash. You may need it for unexpected medical bills, to buy a  new house, to a buy new vehicle, buy a gift for a friend or family, or to clear debts. At this point of time,  when you are in urgent need of cash, anyone can fall prey to a debt which makes life difficult. It may be due to prolonged illness, loss of a job or any other unexpected event. All these problems compel you to seek for quickest financing alternatives like loan lenders. Nowadays everyone owns a car and they can use their car to get the money they need for any reason. Car collateral loans by Fast Canada Cash can be the solution to your problems and the answer to what you are looking for. Yes! You can easily get a loan using your car as collateral with us.


The amount that you can borrow will depend on the market value of your car being used as collateral. For this, we need to assess your vehicle’s market value to let you know the amount that you can borrow. You can qualify for up to $35,000 with us.


Our collateral loans are provided at minimum interest rates with no credit check requirements. Our loan terms are long, for up to 4 years so that you get time to pay back your loan. There are no penalties if you pay your loan early. So, you get an option to repay your loan at any time that suits your requirements. You need not worry about your credit status if you apply for a loan with us.


How Did It Work?


Fast Canada Cash provides money based on the value of your vehicle. Our loan experts determine the value of your fully paid off vehicles like Car, Truck, Van, Suv, Rv or Boat, and provide you with quick access to cash based on the value of your vehicle and not your credit! Your vehicle is your credit. Remember we loan you the money, and you get to keep your vehicle!


Benefits of Car collateral Loans with Fast Canada Cash:


  • Receive Your Cash on the Same Day


Get cash in your hands in simply a matter of hours after approval. Only a minimum amount of paperwork is to be done, so the loan procedure is fast.



  • Poor Credit Is Not an Issue



We utilize your car’s title as a guarantee to secure your loan, so great credit is not necessary! If you have bad or no credit at all,  Fast Canada Cash is the best alternative for you!



  • Qualifying Is Easy



It’s simple and easy to meet all the loan obligations. You must be the age of maturity, have a valid Canadian driver’s license, and own a fully paid vehicle which is lien free.



  • Fast Application Process



The application procedure is quick and simple. We have streamlined the process so we only ask for information that is necessary for the loan.



  • Keep Driving Your Vehicle



We will hold your vehicle title as a guarantee for the duration of the loan but you don’t need to give up on your car. You can still drive your vehicle as normal.



  • No Hidden Fees or Prepayment Penalties



At Fast Canada Cash, we don’t have any hidden charges or prepayment penalties. You can pay off your loan any time that suits your budget.  


Car collateral Loans are one of the best ways to receive the cash you need.


You should have the following to get your cash today:


  1. You must have a vehicle (car, truck, van, s.u.v. or motorcycle) that is no more than 10 years old
  2. A lien-free car which can be used as collateral
  3. A valid Canadian driver’s license
  4. Vehicle’s registration and Insurance documents
  5. Proof of residency: any piece of computer-generated mail that has been sent to you at your address.
  6. Your vehicle for inspection


After receiving all the required papers, we will approve you for the loan and provide you with the cash you need. Our loan associates are always available to help you out at every step of the loan process.


This is all you need to get fast cash today! So do not delay and apply now for your car collateral loans with us. Call us (toll-free) 1-(888) 511-6791, or you can also apply online and get yourself registered from the comfort of your home.


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